Featuring a comprehensive range of commercial awnings and servicing the entirety of the UK, AEL Solutions can supply you with the perfect shade and shelter for your business’ outdoor space. Retractable awnings provide businesses with the perfect balance of classic styling and effective shelter, making them invaluable in almost any outdoor setting.

AEL’s commercial awnings, whether free-standing or in-built, can be completely customised with bespoke branding and designs, creating a look of unrivalled professionalism and style. Whether you are in the hospitality, leisure or alfresco industry, the right awning can take an average storefront to the next level, increasing footfall and promoting business growth whilst remaining eye-catching and attractive.

Above all else, the AEL team understand that you know your business’ brand and styling better than anyone. That’s why we provide advice, guidance, and suggestions that work around your requirements and goals. As one of the UK’s leading commercial awning suppliers, our client's success is what drives our business and we will assist you in finding, installing and maintaining the perfect awning for your needs.

Discover our host of commercial awning designs and styles below, book a visit to our showroom, or get in touch for advice tailored to your project.