Giant Umbrellas

A key aspect of any commercial outdoor environment is shading. Without it, customers are much more likely to be uncomfortable whilst exposed to the elements, leading to missed secondary purchase opportunities or even worse, completely missed sales. Additionally, shading choices like jumbrellas and giant parasols enable outdoor spaces to be used all-year-round and monetised even during bad weather. Leveraging all of your available resources is a fundamental aspect of successful business and effective shading plays a big role in that for modern organisations within the alfresco, leisure and hospitality industries.

Giant commercial umbrellas and jumbrellas are found across the UK because they strike the perfect balance for modern businesses - and ours are no different. During the summer months, commercial parasols offer effective shading with UPF 50+ sun protection, or if you choose, they can be taken down so that customers can enjoy the heat. 

Additionally, our jumbrellas can also come with integrated heat and light solutions for night and cold weather usage, alongside a host of branding and printing options designed to cater to your business’ personal requirements. It’s this adaptability and versatility that makes commercial umbrellas so popular.

For a shading solution that lasts a long time, resists whatever the weather throws at it and can be branded at will to entice customers and align with your business, explore our range of jumbrellas below or contact us today.