Heat & Light

AEL Solutions' range of commercial patio heaters and outdoor lighting options has been hand selected to provide businesses with versatile and adaptable solutions. Through low-energy LED lighting, our in-house manufacturing department can incorporate efficient and subtle lighting solutions to the structures within your outdoor space. Similarly, our commercial outdoor heaters are available in a host of different styles and specifications, varying from permanent wall or ceiling-mounted options to standalone mobile selections that can be relocated based on the business’ needs at any given time.

Our variety of designs extend even further into the specifications of each heat and light option. In particular, our wall mounted outdoor heaters utilise infrared technology to heat the vicinity more effectively, and can be fixed to our umbrellas, awnings, retractable roof structures and shelters for incorporated solutions which are useful all-year-round.

At AEL Solutions, we specialise in creating completely bespoke commercial outdoor environments that are tailored to your organisation’s needs or goals. Complete your space with the heat and lighting options available below or get in touch with us and we will gladly help you find the best choice for your needs.