By utilising a range of different materials in combination with expert design and manufacturing, AEL Solutions' range of commercial outdoor planters is a perfect way to take your business environment to the next level. Whatever your industry, an organisation’s outdoor space is a tool that can have a notable impact on business growth and success when utilised correctly.

Commercial planters offer a great way to add something special to your outdoor environment, creating a more attractive and enticing appearance that amplifies the overall décor of the business. Ranging from bespoke branded planters to classic options, it’s easy to find an option which will work for you. In addition, AEL's holistic service can provide you with real or artificial plants based on your preferences, ensuring that your planters are ready for trading the moment that installation is complete.

Boasting a host of different branding, styling and design options, our planters can help you create the optimal commercial space for your business. Explore our range of options below or contact us for more information on what's available and how it can help you.