Branding Methods

Consistent branding across all outdoor items can carry high commercial power. AEL is experienced and skilled in the use of corporate colours, logos, straplines and imagery to create eye-catching and effective outdoor solutions that reflect your brand’s unique identity.

Each branding method has pros and cons depending on the material specified or sizes required - we’ll work with you to decide the best method and combination.

CNC Engraving

From simple words and letters to more intricate logo designs, our CNC routers can engrave it. We can engrave on timber, polywood, texture, HDPE and HPL materials.


Using precision jigs cut by our CNC machine, our professional spray facilities allow us to create whatever logo or text design you would like applied to your furniture.

Burnt Branding

This is achieved by burning the image or logo directly onto the timber.


We can apply vinyl graphics to any number of products and materials, providing a vast range of solid colour options or finishes such as metallic.


Paint the entire surface area or just infill the logo, message or strapline engraved by our CNC routers. We can closely match paint colours to compliment your exterior décor.

Distressed Finish

Timber items can be given a distressed and weathered antique finish by sanding, painting then re-sanding to achieve the desired look.

Direct Media Printing

A technique we use to print directly on acrylic, glass, timber, polywood and texture, using UV cured ink. The flatter the surface material the crisper and smoother the print.