Our extensive range of artificial plants, wall gardens and ability to source and install live plants can be used to create any atmosphere you desire, creating a big splash of colour or a serene natural looking display.

Artificial Plants

Choose from a huge range of traditional or exotic artificial plants including palms, mosses, ferns, grasses, flowers and herbs. They can be added individually or in a cluster to create natural looking yet maintenance free foliage.

Live Plants

We can supply a wide range of live plants to suit the d├ęcor, season, light levels and temperature, from large exotic trees and topiary cones to small summer meadow plants.

Wall Garden

Attractive artificial plants in the form of vertical or horizontal wall gardens are perfect for adding greenery to alfresco exteriors and wall facades. We can supply standard products in the form of free standing or wall mounted units, or something bespoke to fit a unique area.