Dome Heaters

Dome heaters offer a modern and efficient solution to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your business space. Here are some key benefits and features associated with Dome Heaters:

1. Comfort and Warmth:

Dome heaters provide a comfortable and warm environment, ensuring that customers and guests feel at ease in your business space.
2. Ambience and Style:

The stylish design of Dome heaters adds a touch of ambience and style to your establishment, enhancing the overall atmosphere.
3. Color Options:

Choose from a range of color options, including black, white, and bespoke RAL colors, allowing you to coordinate the heaters with your interior design.
4. Heat Radiation Range:

Dome heaters offer a heat radiation range of up to 5m, providing effective warmth to a designated area within your space.
5. Electric Infrared Heater:

With a 2.85kW electric infrared heater, Dome heaters deliver efficient heating while maintaining energy efficiency.
6. Light Feature:

The inclusion of a 120W light adds to the functionality, offering both warmth and illumination in one unit.
7. Remote Control Operation:

Convenient remote control operation allows easy adjustment of heat settings, providing flexibility and user-friendly control.
8. Moveable Options:

Dome heaters come with 2 or 4-wheel base options, making it easy to move and position the heaters according to your needs.
9. Weighted Base:

The base is supplied with a 40kg weight, with the option for additional ballast, ensuring stability and safety.
10. Optional Protective Cover:
– An optional protective cover is available, adding an extra layer of protection for the heaters when not in use.

11. Height Options:
– Choose from two height options, 235cm or 253cm, to suit the layout and preferences of your business space.

Dome heaters are a versatile and effective heating solution, providing not only warmth but also contributing to the overall ambiance and style of your establishment.