Key Features

Wind-Resistant Design:

The Fortino is specifically crafted to resist wind, providing stability even in breezy conditions.


Counter-Rotating Servo Principle:

This innovative design principle enhances user convenience, allowing easy deployment and secure fixing by pulling the tension lever downwards.


Base Options:

The umbrella can be optionally attached to a concrete, steel, or granite base, offering flexibility in placement.


Permanent Installation:

For a permanent installation, a socket firmly anchored in the ground ensures stability, allowing only the sun to influence the shade, not the wind.



The frame is constructed from natural anodized aluminum, featuring a two-part profiled pole. The slide and crown are made from robust die-cast aluminum, while bolts and rivets are crafted from stainless steel.


Replaceable and Self-Tautening Cover:

The sunshade cover is replaceable and self-tautening, thanks to the flexible rod end, ensuring a consistently taut appearance.


The Fortino Commercial Umbrella combines robust construction, wind resistance, and user-friendly features, making it an excellent choice for commercial or outdoor spaces where stability and durability are paramount.


The Fortino Commercial Umbrella stands out as a wind-resistant and compact sunshade, designed to remain stable even in the face of emerging breezes. This umbrella is engineered for durability and user convenience, featuring a counter-rotating servo principle that ensures optimal ease of use. To secure the Fortino, simply pull the tension lever downwards and fix it in the profiled pole.

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