Everest Haystack Climber

Haystack Climber
| A1264

The Everest haystack climber offers a challenging and unique climbing experience, perfect for making a pub garden or play area an attractive, enticing space for family audiences. Made from machine rounded laminated timber poles, the Everest combines each of our haystack climbers to create the ultimate challenge. Suitable for larger play areas where multiple children can play at once, featuring pull-up ropes, cargo nets and net ladders.

•  Suitable for children aged 4-14 years

•  Conforms to BS EN1176 play equipment safety

Product Code
Everest Haystack Climber
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Product code:
Delivered and installed by our in-house team.
Safety surface area:
W 12500 x D 10500mm
Free fall height:
Age range:
KS1, KS2, Secondary
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