LED Lighting for Outdoor Dining

Lighting is vitally important for eating and drinking outside and the perfect way to expand the usage of your outdoor entertainment and dining areas from day through to night. In combination with our infrared heaters, LED lights can be discreetly fitted making them almost imperceptible in the day time, but allowing for maximum light and ambience for the tables and chairs beneath at night.

The benefits of LED lighting include;

•  Low energy, consuming up to 90% less power than other forms of lighting

•  Long lasting, up to 60,000 hours. Less maintenance reduces purchasing costs

•  Rugged and durable with no fragile components. Able to withstand shock, vibration and conditions encountered in outdoor lighting

•  Safety, generating little heat and cool to the touch even after long operation

•  Environmentally friendly, made from non-toxic materials and recyclable. Reduced carbon footprint with high energy efficiency

•  Instant light, reaching 100% brightness immediately

Lighting is extremely effective when combined with our umbrellas and awnings. Furthermore, many of our heating solutions also offer integrated halogen spotlights. Get in touch to discuss ways to illuminate your alfresco area for a vibrant, bustling scene throughout the evening.

AEL can customise virtually any outdoor product to suit individual customer needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.