Bespoke Tabletops

Bespoke Tabletops

Designer Collection

Our factory, which includes an in-house design team and CNC routers, can create bespoke table tops to your specification. Take inspiration from the designs on this page or contact us with your own ideas.

•  Bespoke shapes and sizes

•  CNC routing, printing, painting and a host of other branding options

•  Resin-sealed objects

•  Logo incorporation

Product Colours:
Standard and bespoke colours available
Bespoke sizes available
Dependant on size
Compatible bases:
See our range of Self-Levelling, Stackable, Tilting and Pedestal Table Bases.
Maintenance free:
Depending on the material used, this type of furniture can require virtually no maintenance or treatment other than a simple wipe clean with soapy water, can be used outdoors all year round, won’t fade or change colour and maintains its appearance for many years.
Bespoke shapes available
Thanks to our factory CNC machines we can route virtually any shape and size of tabletop, with an extensive array of colour and design options. Why not incorporate your logo into the design for maximum brand exposure?