Iroko Tabletop

Hardwood Tabletops

Made By AEL

Breathe new life into your outdoor furniture. Iroko hardwood has a naturally high oil content making it ideally suited for outdoor use, as well as adding a warm and welcoming touch.

•  Bespoke shapes and sizes with a variety of finishes and stains

•  Attractive slatted Iroko with mitred frame

•  Made in our UK factory

Product Colours:
See Colours & Finishes
Bespoke sizes available
Dependant on size
Compatible bases:
See our range of Self-Levelling, Stackable, Tilting and Pedestal Table Bases.
Bespoke shapes available
Thanks to our factory CNC machines we can route virtually any shape and size of tabletop, with an extensive array of colour and design options. Why not incorporate your logo into the design for maximum brand exposure?