There are many different circumstances whereby you may need heavy-duty banner barriers. Perhaps you want to section off a VIP area? Maybe you are simply looking to manage to flow of traffic better. Or perhaps you are looking for branded banner barriers for a festival or another type of special event? No matter what your requirements may be, it is important to make sure that you have high-quality banner barriers that will effectively manage crowd control and ensure an orderly environment while also branding your business and looking stylish. We can make sure that this is the case here, as we have so many different options for you to select from, including rope barriers, heavy-duty banner posts, canvas banners, mesh banners, vinyl banners, fret banners, and more.

Canvas Banner

Can be branded or printed single or double-sided.
Highest quality banner using premium Dickson fabrics
310g/m2 acrylic canvas.
Water, mould and tear-resistant.
Colour stable with high lightfastness.

Banner Sizes
W 1160 x H 780mm
W 1460 x H 780mm
W 1830 x H 780mm

Mesh Banner

More suitable for windy conditions as the mesh allows air to pass through.
270g/m2 PVC mesh banner with a 130g/m2 synthetic backing liner.
Acrylic canvas border, hemmed/seamed to stop fraying.
Water and tear-resistant.
Logo branding and personalisation, suitable for single-sided printing.

Banner Sizes
W 1160 x H 780mm
W 1460 x H 780mm
W 1830 x H 780mm

Vinyl Banner

Cost-effective banner barrier option.
Easy to wipe clean.
Durable, tear-resistant PVC material.
Logo branding and personalisation, suitable for single or double-sided printing.

Banner Sizes
W 1160 x H 780mm
W 1460 x H 780mm
W 1830 x H 780mm

Fret Banner

Distinctive fret cut pattern and style.
Top and bottom rails welded to fret cut panel to fit heavy-duty banner posts.
Available in a variety of powder-coated colours or to any RAL colour of your choice.
Manufactured from powder-coated steel.

Banner Sizes
W 1460 x H 780mm
W 1800 x H 780mm

Heavy-Duty Banner Posts, Product code: PS500SFB

Grade 304 stainless steel free-standing post, base and rails 21kg.
Reinforced top and bottom rail for optimal performance.
Option to install in-ground with a ground sleeve if required.

Timber Banner Posts

Timber post with polished 15kg granite base.
Top/bottom bracket to attach existing banner rails.
A stylish alternative to stainless steel.

Rope Barriers, Product Code: PSRO

Rope barrier in 1.2m or 1.8m, choice of colours with chrome end hook fittings.
For use with our 9kg posts.
Effective queue and crowd control barrier.

Powder Coated Banner Posts

Polyester powder coat to any RAL colour.
Finishes such as matt lacquer are available.
Match post and rails or mix and match colours.

Banner Post Trolley, Product Code: PSTR

Suitable for transporting AEL heavy-duty banner posts.
Made from mild steel.
Available in black.

Perfect for any environment

Our extensive range of products have been specifically designed to use in homes, cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops or any business that would like to maximise the use of their outdoor space all year round