LED Lighting

There is no denying that one of the most vital pieces of the puzzle when it comes to creating the perfect environment is lighting. Lighting is imperative when it comes to creating the ideal atmosphere for all of your customers. It is also critical in terms of ensuring your waiting staff can see what they are doing, and diners can see what they are eating or drinking. Here at AEL Solutions, we have a great range of LED lighting solutions for sale, ensuring that all of your needs are catered to. We have a huge assortment of options because we recognise that all businesses are different and all environments have different lighting requirements, so we make sure everything is covered here.

LED Lighting has a whole range of benefits

No matter how many lights you opt for or their configuration, you can be sure that there are numerous benefits associated with going down the LED route, including the following:

  • Benefit from lights that reach 100 per cent brightness straight away, so you do not need to worry about any dullness.
  • Our LED lights are eco-friendly, as they are created from recyclable and non-toxic materials, and they ensure your outdoor area is lightened while using a lot less energy.
  • You can keep your monthly utility bills as low as possible by achieving the required brightness while using much less energy.
  • LED lights can help you to achieve your safety goals, as they generate little heat, and so they are not too hot to touch.
  • Maintenance costs will be lowered, too, as LED lighting is incredibly long-lasting and durable, giving you as much as 60,000 hours of light at your business.
  • The main draw is that you are going to be using much less energy, as LED light consumes around 90 per cent less power when compared with other types of lighting.

Perfect for any environment

Our extensive range of products have been specifically designed to use in homes, cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops or any business that would like to maximise the use of their outdoor space all year round






Whatever your needs, we take care of it all

Design & Survey

We can work directly with you or with your appointed designers and architects. We’ll complete a site survey and our specialist in-house design team will create 3D / CAD layouts to help realise your vision.

Guarantee, Aftercare & Maintenance

Following installation, you can rely on our ongoing support and advice. All products carry a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing faults and timber products a 10-year guarantee against wood rot. We can also carry out repairs and membrane recovering for all leading brands of umbrellas and awnings. Playground safety and maintenance inspections performed by our qualified playground equipment team, carrying out improvements or maintenance at your request.

Project Management, Delivery & Installation

Your account manager will liaise with you to ensure a smooth installation process. We will deliver and our install so you are ready for immediate trading. Our delivery and installation teams carry out all jobs with care and attention to detail, making sure the project meets our high quality standards.

Bespoke Build & Branding

Our UK factory with CNC routers and skilled manufacturing team creates truly unique products especially for you that combine colours, sizes and materials with sustainability, durability and quality.