At AEL Outdoor Solutions, we’re dedicated to fostering sustainability in every aspect of our business. Here’s how we’re working towards a greener future:

Investment in Renewable Energy:

In 2022, we made significant investments in electric cars, a strategic move that supports sustainable transportation and offers numerous environmental benefits. One major benefit is the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), which contribute to global warming and climate change. Electric cars, on the other hand, produce zero tailpipe emissions, directly reducing the amount of CO2 and other harmful gases released into the atmosphere.
AEL CNC Machine

Sustainable Product Development:

We are continually expanding our range of furniture made from recycled materials, offering our customers more sustainable options. We’ve upgraded our manufacturing equipment, including replacing our first CNC machine with a larger, more efficient model. With three CNC machines now powered by solar energy, our factory operations are becoming increasingly efficient.

AEL World-Wide Supliers

Responsible Supplier Selection:

We collaborate with suppliers worldwide who share our commitment to sustainability. We carefully vet manufacturers based on their adherence to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that our products meet the highest environmental standards.

For example, one of our suppliers has implemented innovative cooling techniques to reduce raw material waste and increase efficiency in production.

Forest Sustinability

Environmental Consciousness:

Respect for the environment is central to our operations. While we continuously seek ways to enhance sustainability within our own manufacturing processes, we review our suppliers practices related to waste management, energy usage, and forest conservation.

AEL Im Green Bio Based Icon

Green Product Offerings:

We carefully select the products that we offer. In the upcoming months, we will be making it easier to filter through our green products on our website and in a brand new brochure. Each product will explain what makes that product green. For example, some of our chairs are crafted from Green Bio-Based plastic. This is produced through a sugarcane manufacturing process that captures carbon dioxide, helping to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

At AEL Outdoor Solutions, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the environment and promoting sustainability throughout our industry.

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