Professionals In Maintenance

We are proud of our maintenance professionals, who ensure that AEL products are installed and maintained to the highest possible standard. Contact our dedicated service team for immediate advice and assistance.

Awnings & Umbrella Maintenance

Turn old awnings and umbrellas into new ones with a membrane replacement. For greater street impact, replace tired fabrics with new ones, using either your existing colours or a new design. AEL not only supply the very best selection of commercial umbrellas and awnings but also repair and re-cover all well-known brands with the same expert care.

Contact our dedicated repairs and maintenance team for immediate advice and assistance.

Playground Safety Inspections & Maintenance

We also carry out playground safety and maintenance inspections performed by our qualified playground equipment team. We are accustomed to visiting equipment at various locations including school playgrounds, pubs, hotel and other commercial children’s play areas. Our experienced team of inspectors will visit your site and prepare a detailed report on the condition of your play equipment, highlighting and prioritising any issues related to compliance with BS EN1176. To demonstrate due diligence it is recommended that, in addition to your own regular inspections, your play equipment is inspected annually by an external expert. AEL is able to carry out any improvements and maintenance should you wish.

We offer our inspection and maintenance service irrespective of whether your equipment was manufactured and installed by us or not. Note that we also maintain safety surfacing whether it is wet pour, bark or grass matting.

Contact our dedicated repairs and maintenance team for immediate advice and assistance.

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