Imaginative play

Let the imagination run wild with one or several of the amazing imaginative play units that we have for sale for children of differing ages. There are many different business environments that would benefit from providing safe and fun play units for children. Of course, this includes the likes of play centres, schools, and leisure centres. However, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and such can attract a lot more customers if they have play items that will genuinely keep children entertained. That is exactly the case with our range of imaginative play products. From play forts and playhouses to pirate ships and trains, we have a whole host of exciting, imaginative play products for you to choose from. With our bespoke service, we are always happy to take requests when it comes to customisation, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have specific requirements that you would like to discuss.

Imaginative play has a whole range of benefits

But what are the benefits of the imaginative play products we provide?

  • We have a huge assortment of options to choose from when it comes to imaginative play, including tots’ trains, tots’ pirate ships, play forts, playhouses, combine harvesters, playboats, and much more.
  • Imaginative play is important for children because it helps to boost their development while ensuring they have a lot of fun in the process.
  • If you have a custom idea in mind and you want to make this a reality, we are always happy to assist with bespoke orders; all you need to do is pick up the phone.
  • We pride ourselves on making sure that our prices are some of the best that you will find in the industry, and we are always honest and upfront regarding costs.
  • Safety is the number one priority we have with all of our play products, giving you full peace of mind.

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    Our range of Imaginative play products

    Here at AEL Solutions, we have a huge assortment of imaginative play products for you to choose from. You can also combine this with some of the other play products we have for sale, from trim trails to play units. We have everything that you need to create the perfect outdoor environment for children. Our team has plenty of experience, and we have undergone all of the required training.

    Should you have any questions about the service that we provide, or if you would like to discuss your project in more depth, please do not hesitate to get in touch today to get started. Please rest assured that one thing we always do is put safety first. We adhere to all the safety regulations that are in place, and we always work with the highest levels of quality in mind.

    Product code: A0996

    Made from versatile, colourful HDPE material
    Interactive options such as play panels, gearbox and spinning wheels

    W 7000 x D 4600mm
    Free Fall Height: 900mm

    Combine Harvester
    Product code: A0995

    Made from versatile, colourful HDPE material
    Array of climbing levels and D handles

    W 5900 x D 5600mm
    Free Fall Height: 900mm

    Tots Train
    Product code: A1050

    Made from smooth timber poles with HDPE panels
    Modular options with Engine (A1050/T) and Carriage (A1050/C) supplied seperatly

    W 4500 x D 3920mm
    Free Fall Height: <600mm

    Tots Bus
    Product code: A1003

    Made from smooth timber poles with HDPE panels

    W 5500 x D 5400mm
    Free Fall Height: 900mm

    Product code:

    Made from smooth timber poles with HDPE panels

    W 6100 x D 6600mm

    Product code:

    Made from smooth timber poles with HDPE panels

    Perfect for any environment

    Our extensive range of products have been specifically designed to use in homes, cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops or any business that would like to maximise the use of their outdoor space all year round






    Whatever your needs, we take care of it all

    Design & Survey

    We can work directly with you or with your appointed designers and architects. We’ll complete a site survey and our specialist in-house design team will create 3D / CAD layouts to help realise your vision.

    Guarantee, Aftercare & Maintenance

    Following installation, you can rely on our ongoing support and advice. All products carry a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing faults and timber products a 10-year guarantee against wood rot. We can also carry out repairs and membrane recovering for all leading brands of umbrellas and awnings. Playground safety and maintenance inspections performed by our qualified playground equipment team, carrying out improvements or maintenance at your request.

    Project Management, Delivery & Installation

    Your account manager will liaise with you to ensure a smooth installation process. We will deliver and our install so you are ready for immediate trading. Our delivery and installation teams carry out all jobs with care and attention to detail, making sure the project meets our high quality standards.

    Bespoke Build & Branding

    Our UK factory with CNC routers and skilled manufacturing team creates truly unique products especially for you that combine colours, sizes and materials with sustainability, durability and quality.

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    Let our design team help you design & plan your outdoor space. We can assist with layout, product selection, materials, colours and finishes.