GLATZ are the leading worldwide parasol expert.

GLATZ are a Swiss family company with more than 125 years of experience. As their exclusive UK partner, AEL is chosen and trusted by discerning customers as we offer the most comprehensive and innovative choice of parasols on the market. We currently work with 42 independent and group garden centres, and showrooms displaying a range of Glatz parasols.

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Style Center Pole Umbrella


Center Post Umbrella

The Style parasol is an ideal choice for budget-conscious customers seeking convenience and flexibility. Featuring an easy-to-use crank, it allows for effortless opening and closing. The parasol roof can be tilted left and right with a practical tilter, providing adaptable shade throughout the day. Available in five vibrant colors, it complements any outdoor space effortlessly. Crafted with a durable aluminium pole and powder coating, the Style parasol ensures longevity and offers over 98% UV protection. Adjusting to the sun’s position is simple with its tiltable design, making it a versatile and practical addition to your outdoor setup.
Glatz Alu Smart AEL Umbrella

Alu Smart

Center Post Umbrella

The Alu Smart Umbrella is the perfect addition to any home balcony or patio, combining style and functionality. Its slim, ergonomic runner allows for effortless opening and closing, while the elegantly curved fabric edge complements both modern and classic home exteriors. The stable aluminium frame subtly reflects its surroundings, enhancing your outdoor decor. With stepless height adjustment from 40 to 60 cm and the ability to tilt up to 32° in both directions, it adapts to your needs. Available in 6 or 8 parts with a 35 mm pole diameter, the self-tensing canopy comes in round, square, and rectangular shapes, making it a versatile choice for any home.


Alu Twist

Center Post Umbrella

The Alu Twist parasol is perfect for home use, allowing you to easily open the roof with a crank and adjust the tilt with a simple twist. Made from durable anodised aluminium, it’s built to last. Ideal for angled outdoor spaces, balconies, or as a complement to a Glatz giant parasol, the Alu Twist provides excellent shade and a modern look. With 6 or 8 aluminium struts and a sturdy pole, it’s both stable and stylish. The crank and twist mechanisms make it super easy to use and adjust to your liking.
Sunwing Casa Centilever Umbrella

Sunwing Casa

Cantilever Umbrella

Discover the Sunwing Casa, designed for effortless enjoyment in your home or garden. This cantilever parasol opens swiftly with a single crank and tilts smoothly up to 45° for optimal shade. Crafted from durable anodised or anthracite powder-coated aluminium, it boasts a self-tensioning canopy that ensures a tidy appearance. With its sturdy 55 × 2.5 mm mast profile and stainless steel hardware, the Sunwing Casa combines timeless elegance with practical functionality, perfect for enhancing your outdoor living space with style and ease.

Sombrano Cantilever Umbrella


Cantilever Umbrella

Meet the Sombrano S+, a revolutionary cantilever umbrella designed for your home. This innovative side-mast parasol opens smoothly and can be positioned horizontally with ease. Its sturdy lateral mast provides ample space underneath, allowing you to move freely while enjoying 100% solar protection from its high-quality canopy. Adjust the shade effortlessly with the crank, tilting the roof up to 54° for optimal comfort. Featuring a pedal-operated turnable base for 360° rotation, this umbrella ensures shade wherever you need it in your outdoor space. Crafted with a robust oval 66 × 95 × 3 mm mast profile and durable die-cast aluminium components, the Sombrano S+ combines timeless elegance with practical functionality, perfect for enhancing relaxation and comfort at home.
Flex Roof Umbrella

Flex Roof

Center Post Umbrella

The Flex Roof is your ultimate versatile parasol, perfect for balconies, terraces, or gardens. This multifunctional and durable aluminium parasol provides shade and privacy with ease. Its UV-resistant roof is adjustable, tiltable, and rotates 360°, offering optimal sun protection and privacy. Available in various colors to match your outdoor decor, the Flex Roof is designed for maximum functionality in minimal space. It adjusts height up to 83 cm and includes a champagne-colored protective cover for added convenience. Whether as a sunshade or privacy screen, the Flex Roof is your go-to solution for all outdoor settings.

Features & Benefits

When it comes to Swiss parasol experts Glatz, there is a step-up in quality compared to other models. We supply centre pole and cantilever parasols of the highest quality that provide UV protection from the sun with a UPF 50+ rating, available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours, base options, LED lighting and protective accessories.

Here is why more and more retailers and consumers are choosing Glatz:

Precision Engineering

Swiss design, built from high quality precision engineered materials that stand the test of time.

Premium Fabrics

The fabric you choose adds a touch of class to a parasol. Our range of high quality fabrics and spectrum of colours can complement the architecture of your home, the design of your garden and surroundings.

Stain & Water Resistance

Class 4 fabrics and Class 5 are treated with TeflonTM as well as ScotchguardTM for water and dirt resistance.

Sun Safety

Glatz parasols filter harmful UV rays with a UPF 50+ rating, keeping you safe in the sun.

Longevity Assurance

Unique extension rods and spring loaded arms movable bases and replacement canopies.

Effortless Operation

No stretching or straining with a smooth ergonomic hand crank and twist mechanism to open and close, taking the hard work out of operating your parasol.

Adaptable Angles

Easy to operate features such as stepless height adjustment (ALU-SMART©), gradual tilt (ALU-TWIST©)  and multiple tilt angle choices (SUNWING© C+ and SOMBRANO© S+).

Durability & Portability

Lightweight aluminium frame and pole make the parasols easy to manoeuvre while remaining strong and rust free.

Comprehensive Accessories

Glatz offers a variety of accessories and replacement parts to complement each parasol, from LED lights, protective covers to movable bases and replacement canopies.

Colours & Fabrics

The higher the material class the better the light fastness and choice of colours

Class 5

  • 100% acrylic, 300g/m2
  • UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Highest colour lightfastness up to 700 days.
  • Oil and water repellent, soil-resistant with anti-rot finishing.
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Class 4

  • 100% polyester, 250g/m2
  • UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays
  • Dirt-resistant with anti-rot finishing
  • Colour lightfastness up to 350 days
  • 408_black


  • 461_taupe


  • 476_cinnamon


  • 422_cream


  • 420_smoke


  • 453_vanilla


  • 404_white


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  • 403_carmine


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  • 416_caribbean


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Class 2

  • 100% polyester, 220g/m2
  • UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Colour lightfastness up to 120 days.
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Class 1

  • 100% polyester, 180g/m2
  • UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Colour lightfastness up to 40 days.
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