Boxmobil OS7000

Create expansive shaded areas with the Boxmobil OS7000, a freestanding large-area awning designed for versatility and ample coverage. Whether for outdoor events, commercial spaces, or leisure areas, this awning offers flexibility and efficient sun protection.

Key Features:

Width Range:

The Boxmobil OS7000 offers a width range from 210 cm to 662 cm, providing flexibility to suit various spaces and requirements.
Height Range:

With an adjustable height ranging from 300 cm to 700 cm, this awning accommodates different settings and preferences.
Over 45 m? of Shade:

Enjoy a spacious shaded area of over 45 m?, ensuring ample coverage for outdoor activities and gatherings.
Free-Standing Design:

The awning features a free-standing design, eliminating the need for additional support structures and allowing placement in open spaces.
Versatile Fixing Options:

Choose between fixing options using concrete sockets or recessed floor sleeves, providing stability and adaptability to different environments.
Independent Shade Adjustment:

The left and right shade can be adjusted independently, offering control over the orientation of the shade to meet specific preferences or sun angles.
Whether for commercial use or enhancing outdoor leisure spaces, the Boxmobil OS7000 delivers a combination of functionality, flexibility, and design. Enjoy expansive shaded areas with the convenience of independent shade adjustment, making it a versatile solution for diverse applications.