Key Features

Robust Design:

The Castello Pro boasts a robust design, ensuring durability and longevity in various outdoor settings.


Corrosion-Resistant Materials:

Components of the umbrella are made from high-quality synthetic material, providing excellent corrosion protection and weather resistance.


Flat Shade Roof:

The flat shade roof design enhances wind stability, making it suitable for areas with varying wind conditions.


Quick Opening and Closing:

The cover of the umbrella can be opened and closed rapidly using the tensioning lever, providing convenient and efficient operation.


Integrated Electronics:

Electronics are discreetly integrated into the frame and struts, maintaining a clean and streamlined appearance.


Direct and Indirect Illumination:

The Castello Pro features options for both direct and indirect illumination, allowing for versatile lighting arrangements to suit different preferences and occasions.


Radiant Heater Compatibility:

The umbrella is compatible with radiant heaters, providing additional warmth for outdoor spaces during cooler weather.


The Castello Pro Commercial Umbrella is an excellent choice for businesses in the open-air catering industry, offering a balance of functionality, aesthetics, and durability. With its flat shade roof and integrated features, it provides an inviting atmosphere while ensuring reliable performance in various outdoor environments.

Castello Pro

The Castello Pro Commercial Umbrella is designed to be the ideal host for open-air catering, combining robust design with corrosion-resistant materials. Equipped with simple die-cast parts, this umbrella features a flat shade roof, enhancing wind stability compared to its predecessor. The Castello Pro is well-suited for large outdoor areas, offering high corrosion protection with components made from high-quality synthetic material.

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