Fortero 85Fortero 85

Interactive Model


Key Features

Wind-Resistant Design:

The Fortero is engineered to resist wind, providing stability even in the face of sudden gusts.


Control and Handling:

Despite its robust size, the umbrella is easy to control and handle, ensuring user-friendly operation.


Versatile Shade:

Suitable for large squares, hotel patios, and swimming pools, the Fortero offers generous and reliable shade for various outdoor spaces.


Size and Safety:

With a diameter of up to 4 meters, proper fixation is crucial for safety, ensuring the umbrella remains securely in place.



The frame is constructed from natural anodized aluminum, featuring a two-part profiled pole. The slide and crown are made from strong die-cast aluminum, and bolts and rivets are crafted from stainless steel.


Replaceable and Self-Tautening Cover:

The sunshade cover is replaceable and self-tautening, thanks to the flexible rod end, maintaining a consistently taut appearance.


The Fortero Commercial Umbrella combines durability, wind resistance, and user-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for various outdoor settings where reliable shade is essential.


The Fortero Commercial Umbrella is a medium-sized, wind-resistant sunshade designed to withstand sudden gusts of wind while providing generous and reliable shade. Despite its robustness, this umbrella is easy to control, offering exceptional ease of handling through the counter-rotating servo principle.


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