Grass Matting Safety Surfacing

Our Grass Matting Safety Surfacing offers a natural and low-maintenance solution for playgrounds. With this option, grass grows through the matting, providing a seamless blend of safety and natural aesthetics. This surfacing method prevents worn or muddy patches, offering a practical and visually pleasing solution for play areas.

Key Features:

Low Maintenance: Grass Matting requires minimal upkeep, allowing grass to grow through the matting, and can be mown normally.
Natural Aesthetics: The integration of grass with the matting creates a natural and visually appealing play area.
Prevents Worn or Muddy Patches: By preventing worn or muddy areas, Grass Matting maintains a safe and even surface.
Safety Compliance: Our Grass Matting Safety Surfacing conforms to BS EN1177 Playground Safety Surfacing standards, ensuring safety compliance.
If you are looking for a safety surfacing option that combines natural aesthetics with low maintenance, Grass Matting is an excellent choice. Contact us for more information or to discuss your specific requirements.