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Key Features


1. Portable and Flexible:

Host and waiter stations can be fully portable, mounted on castors for easy mobility, or equipped with adjustable feet for semi-permanent placement, providing flexibility based on your needs.

2. Efficient Organization:

Built-in storage space and shelves allow for organized storage of condiment holders, menus, and other essential items, contributing to a clean and efficient workspace.

3. Door Options:

Choose from single or double doors based on your preferences and functional requirements, providing customizable solutions for your business.

4. Personalized Branding:

Add your own branding message to host and waiter stations, ensuring they contribute to enhancing your brand image and creating a cohesive aesthetic.

5. Customizable Finishes:

A wide selection of colours, styles, and finishes is available, allowing you to match the station with your brand image and the overall style of your venue. Our host and waiter stations are designed to cater to various needs, ensuring they are adaptable to different environments. With personalized engraving, branding opportunities, and efficient organization features, our stations contribute to creating a professional and organized workspace for your staff.

Host & Waiter Stations

Ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for your waiting and host staff is essential in delivering exceptional customer service. Whether you need a host desk for a corporate events venue, restaurant, or hotel, or a waiter station to assist your staff at any venue, AEL Solutions provides versatile solutions. Our host and waiter stations are designed and manufactured in the UK, offering outstanding quality, aesthetic appeal, and branding opportunities.

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