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Jumbo S2160/2

Experience expansive shading with the Jumbo S2160/2, a versatile awning designed for large areas. Equipped with telescopic arms and motors, this awning combines technology and functionality to provide optimal coverage. Whether for commercial spaces or outdoor leisure areas, the Jumbo S2160/2 offers flexibility and efficient sun protection.

Key Features:

Width Range:

The Jumbo S2160/2 spans a width range from 395 cm to 1800 cm, catering to various spaces and dimensions.
Height Range:

With an adjustable height ranging from 350 cm to 500 cm, this awning accommodates different settings and preferences.
Large Area Shading:

Enjoy extensive shading coverage of up to 90 m?, making it suitable for creating comfortable outdoor spaces.
Telescopic Arm Technology:

The cover remains taut in all positions thanks to telescopic arm technology, ensuring a sleek and visually appealing appearance.
Projection up to 500 cm:

Benefit from a generous projection of up to 500 cm, providing ample coverage for outdoor seating and activities.
Optional Additional Telescopic Arms:

The option for additional telescopic arms enhances the awning’s adaptability and allows for customized shading solutions.
Whether you need to shade large commercial areas or create inviting outdoor environments, the Jumbo S2160/2 offers a solution that combines advanced technology, flexibility, and expansive coverage. Enjoy the benefits of a well-designed awning tailored for large outdoor spaces.