Key Features:  
  • Elite Design: The Palazzo Royal is designed for the elite class, featuring a luxurious and stylish design suitable for high-end hospitality settings. Large Diameter:
  • With a maximum diameter of 8 meters, this commercial umbrella offers expansive coverage, making it well-suited for creating spacious outdoor environments. Premium Construction:
  • Crafted from anodized natural aluminum, the Palazzo Royal exemplifies premium construction, ensuring durability and a sophisticated aesthetic. Ease of Operation:
  • The sunshade can be easily opened with 19 turns of the crank, providing a convenient and efficient means of adjusting the coverage. Motorized Operation (Optional):
  • For added convenience, users can opt for a remote-controlled motor, seamlessly integrating all components into the pole and frame for a sleek and streamlined appearance. Comprehensive Accessories:
  • A range of accessories, including LED lighting and heating options, are available to enhance the overall experience and meet the specific requirements of the elite class.
The Palazzo Royal Commercial Umbrella is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, offering a premium outdoor shading solution for upscale establishments. Its impressive size, high-quality construction, and optional features make it a top-tier choice for creating sophisticated and inviting outdoor spaces.

Palazzo Royal

The Palazzo Royal Commercial Umbrella is a premium-grade sunshade designed for the elite class, specifically catering to the needs of the hospitality and hotel sector. With a generously large size, boasting a maximum diameter of 8 meters, it provides expansive coverage, making it an ideal choice for creating luxurious outdoor spaces. The combination of anodized natural aluminium and graphite grey surfaces contributes to its sophisticated appearance.


Width: From 500cm to 800cm