Play Bark Surfacing

Our Play Bark Safety Surfacing offers an economic solution for safety surfaces in play areas. This natural-looking surface can be installed in either raised or sunken pits, providing versatility in design. While it requires regular maintenance and topping up, it offers a cost-effective and visually pleasing option for playgrounds.

Key Features:

Economic Solution: Play Bark is a cost-effective safety surfacing option suitable for various playground designs.
Versatile Installation: Whether you prefer a raised or sunken pit, Play Bark can be adapted to different design preferences.
Natural Aesthetic: The natural appearance of Play Bark blends seamlessly with outdoor environments, creating an aesthetically pleasing play area.
Safety Compliance: Our Play Bark Safety Surfacing conforms to BS EN1177 Playground Safety Surfacing standards, ensuring safety compliance.
If you are seeking a safety surfacing option that combines cost-effectiveness with a natural aesthetic, Play Bark could be the ideal solution. Contact us for more details or to discuss your specific requirements.