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Resobox BX8000

Elevate your outdoor space with the Resobox BX8000, an intelligent box awning that sets new standards in design and functionality. Designed for very large terraces, this awning offers a patented modular box separation system for maximum stability, attractive folding arms, and a wide range of options to suit your preferences.

Key Features:

Width Range:

The Resobox BX8000 spans a width range from 200 cm to 1800 cm, catering to very large terrace spaces and providing ample coverage.
Height Range:

Adjustable height ranging from 150 cm to 400 cm allows for flexibility in installation and shading requirements.
Box Awning Design:

Specifically designed as a box awning, providing a sleek and modern appearance while offering functionality for large outdoor areas.
Modular Box Separation System:

The patented modular box separation system ensures maximum stability, contributing to the durability and reliable performance of the awning.
Attractive Folding Arms:

The Resobox BX8000 features attractive folding arms, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the awning.
Wide Range of Options:

Customize your outdoor space with a wide range of options, allowing you to tailor the awning to your specific preferences and needs.
Experience the next level of outdoor shading with the Resobox BX8000, combining innovative design with intelligent features for a sophisticated and functional box awning solution. Enjoy the flexibility and stability this awning provides for your large terrace space.