AEL Retractable Glass RoofAEL Retractable Glass Roof
Revamp your space effortlessly with our Retractable Glass Roof—an exquisite fusion of innovation and design.

Key Features

Our Retractable Glass Roof option has an array of features to consider.

Customized Glazing:

Tailored glazing options ensure optimal thermal and acoustic performance. Thermally broken profiles achieve a U-value from 1.4W/m2K, providing energy efficiency.

Water Prevention Design:

Offset double or triple-glazed panels create a flat surface between glass and profiles, preventing water accumulation on the roof and maintaining a clean, sleek appearance.

Versatile Glass Panels:

Glass panels can be laminated, toughened, or a combination of both, offering flexibility in design. Aesthetic enhancements such as tinting, colouring, patterning, and frosting add a personalized touch.

Safety Assurance:

Patented anti-derailment system guarantees safety, ensuring smooth operation and preventing mishaps.

Comprehensive Enclosure Options:

Fully enclose your structure with our range of glazing options, including sliding glass windows and doors, motorized parapet screens, and fixed windows.

Durable Construction:

Cataphoresis treatment of fixing supports and traction mechanisms enhances durability, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

Versatile Lighting and Heating:

LED lighting and heaters can be seamlessly integrated to maximize the use of the space throughout the year, creating a comfortable environment.

Emergency Override:

Built-in emergency override allows manual closure of the roof in the event of electrical failures, ensuring safety and convenience.

Engineered Profiles:

Engineered self-supporting extruded aluminium profiles can be steel-reinforced for larger clear spans, providing structural integrity.

Aesthetic Customization:

Powder-coated aluminium framework is available in a range of standard RAL colours or bespoke options on request, allowing you to match the roof to your desired aesthetic.
Smart Automation:

Automate your roof with rain, wind, and sun sensors, or connect to home automation systems for convenient operation via your smartphone or device.
Elevate your space with the luxurious and practical design of a Retractable Glass Roof, where form meets function seamlessly.

Retractable Glass Roof

Transform your space with elegance and functionality through our Retractable Glass Roofing, a fusion of innovation and design. Ideal for wall-supported structures, our customizable glazing solutions offer a seamless blend of thermal and acoustic performance, ensuring a space that is both comfortable and stylish.

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