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Select S8130

Enhance your outdoor space with the Select S8130, a folding arm awning featuring a mounting bar for stability and versatility. With its adjustable angle, compact design, and optional features, this awning offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Key Features:

Width Range:

The Select S8130 spans a width range from 170 cm to 1800 cm, accommodating various spaces and preferences.
Height Range:

Adjustable height ranging from 140 cm to 350 cm allows for flexibility in installation and shading requirements.
Triangular Mounting Bar Technology:

High stability is achieved through triangular mounting bar technology, ensuring durability and reliable performance.
Adjustable Canopy Angle:

The canopy can be adjusted to different angles, providing customizable shading options based on the sun’s position.
Compact Design:

The awning features a very compact design, making it suitable for spaces with limited available room.
Optional Lower-able Valance:

Customize the awning with the optional lower-able valance, adding an extra touch of style and functionality.
Flexible Bracket Division:

The flexible bracket division enhances adaptability, allowing for versatile installation and placement.
Whether you seek a compact shading solution for a small outdoor area or a versatile option for larger spaces, the Select S8130 folding arm awning offers a blend of stability, adjustability, and design. Enjoy a comfortable and stylish outdoor environment with this well-crafted awning.