SG2400 Azur

Create a stylish and comfortable outdoor space with the SG2400 Azur, a folding arm awning designed for versatility and ease of use. With manual angle adjustment, triangular mounting for high stability, and a compact design, this awning offers both practicality and aesthetic appeal for your outdoor setting.

Key Features:

Width Range:

The SG2400 Azur spans a width range from 180 cm to 700 cm, catering to various spaces and preferences.
Height Range:

Adjustable height ranging from 150 cm to 300 cm allows for flexibility in installation and shading requirements.
Manual Angle Adjustment:

The angle of the awning can be adjusted manually, providing control over the shading and adapting to different sun positions. The adjustment can be made up to 6?.
Triangular Mounting:

High stability is ensured with triangular mounting, contributing to the durability and reliable performance of the awning.
Wide Range of Brackets:

The SG2400 Azur offers a wide range of different brackets, providing options for various installation scenarios and preferences.
Compact Design:

With a very compact design, the awning is suitable for spaces with limited room, offering efficient use of outdoor areas.
Flexible Bracket Division:

The flexible bracket division enhances adaptability, allowing for versatile installation and placement based on your specific needs.
Whether you seek a shading solution for a small balcony or a larger outdoor area, the SG2400 Azur folding arm awning offers a blend of stability, adjustability, and design. Enjoy the convenience of manual angle adjustment and the stylish presence of this well-crafted awning.