AEL Retractable Louvred RoofAEL Retractable Louvred Roof

Skyroof Prestige Louvred Roofing

Introducing the pinnacle of outdoor luxury, the Skyroof Prestige Louvred Roofing?an exquisite fusion of innovation and elegance. This versatile structure, available in both wall-supported and freestanding configurations, introduces a range of features to redefine your outdoor living:

Retract and Rotate Functionality: The motorized aluminium louvred roof seamlessly retracts and rotates, providing the flexibility to offer full, partial, or minimal shade. This dynamic feature allows you to tailor your outdoor experience to changing weather conditions and personal preferences.

Comprehensive Enclosure Options: Fully enclose your structure with a selection of aluminium glazing options, including sliding glass windows and doors, motorized parapet screens, and fixed windows. Enjoy the utmost adaptability and comfort year-round.

Integrated Beam & Drainage System: Experience a sleek aesthetic with the integrated beam and drainage system, guiding water through the framework. Efficient water dispersal away from the covered area via structure pillars ensures a dry and visually appealing environment.

Direct Perimeter LED Strip Lighting: Enhance the atmosphere with direct, dimmable perimeter LED strip lighting, available in warm white, RGB, or RGBWW options. Create a captivating environment that complements your style.

Customizable Framework: The powder-coated aluminium framework, available in a range of standard RAL colors or bespoke options on request, ensures durability while providing a canvas for expressing your unique style.

Year-Round Comfort: Maximize the use of your outdoor space by fitting heaters. Enjoy warmth and extend the usability throughout the year, ensuring a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any season.

Skyroof Prestige Louvred Roofing is more than a structure; it’s a symbol of contemporary living, seamlessly blending technological innovation with timeless elegance. Redefine your outdoor space, elevate your lifestyle with Skyroof Prestige.