Stoboscope S8130/2

Elevate your outdoor space with the Stoboscope S8130/2, a telescope arm awning featuring advanced technology for optimal performance. With telescopic arm technology, a triangular mounting bar, and a motorized system, this awning provides taut and stable shading in various positions. Enjoy the perfect blend of design and functionality with the Stoboscope S8130/2.

Key Features:

Width Range:

The Stoboscope S8130/2 spans a width range from 285 cm to 1800 cm, catering to different spaces and preferences.
Height Range:

Adjustable height ranging from 250 cm to 350 cm allows for flexibility in installation and shading requirements.
Telescopic Arm Technology:

The cover remains taut in all positions, thanks to telescopic arm technology, providing a sleek and visually appealing appearance.
Triangular Mounting Bar Technology:

High stability is achieved through triangular mounting bar technology, ensuring durability and reliable performance.
Better Width-to-Load Ratio:

The Stoboscope S8130/2 offers a better width-to-load ratio compared to folding arms, providing efficient and effective shading.
Motorized System:

Enjoy the convenience of a motorized system, allowing for easy control and adjustment of the awning.
Wide Range of Brackets:

A wide range of different brackets enhances adaptability, accommodating various installation scenarios.
Flexible Bracket Division:

The flexible bracket division adds versatility, allowing for customized installation and placement.
Experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology and design with the Stoboscope S8130/2. Achieve a harmonious balance between stability, adjustability, and visual appeal in your outdoor space.