Key Features:

  Width Range: The Tendabox BX3000 accommodates widths from 195 cm to 650 cm, making it suitable for medium-sized to large terrace spaces. Height Range: Adjustable height ranging from 150 cm to 400 cm allows for flexibility in installation and shading requirements. Cassette Awning Design: As a cassette awning, the Tendabox BX3000 provides a neat and compact storage solution when retracted, preserving the awning fabric. Folding Arms: Featuring folding arms, the awning offers reliable support and extends its functionality for various outdoor settings. Optional Volant-Plus: Extend the awning projection up to 350 cm with the optional Volant-Plus, providing additional coverage and shading. Design Options: Choose between a square or rounded design, allowing you to tailor the awning’s appearance to match your preferences and style. Simple Assembly System: The Tendabox BX3000 incorporates a simple and tried-and-tested assembly system for hanging, ensuring straightforward installation. Transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and stylish retreat with the Tendabox BX3000. Whether you prefer a square or rounded design, this box awning offers both practicality and design flexibility for your shading needs.

Tendabox BX3000

Enhance your medium-sized to large terraces with the Tendabox BX3000, a cassette awning featuring folding arms. Offering versatility and style, this box awning allows for widths ranging from 195 cm to 650 cm and heights from 150 cm to 400 cm. With a sleek design, optional Volant-Plus for extended awning projection up to 350 cm, and a choice between a square or rounded design, the Tendabox BX3000 is a practical and aesthetically pleasing shading solution.