Creating a harmonious space at the beach

  • Client:
  • First town centre launch
  • Location:
  • Siren City Bar
  • Products used:
  • York Bench Sets, Camino Poseur Tables and Chairs, Camino Dining Tables and Chairs, Planters and Printed Banners
  • Services:
  • Deign, supply and installation

Siren City Bar, a well-known local business in Reading, sought to launch its first town centre site. To create an inviting and stylish atmosphere, they partnered with us for the supply of high-quality furniture and décor elements.



  • Furnish the new town centre location with versatile and stylish seating options.
  • Ensure the furniture matched the bar’s modern aesthetic.
  • Enhance the overall ambiance with additional design elements such as planters and banners.


Our Solutions:

  1. York Bench Sets:
    • We provided York bench sets to offer comfortable and casual seating options, perfect for social gatherings and group seating.
  2. Camino Poseur Tables and Chairs:
    • To cater to patrons who prefer bar-height seating, we supplied Camino poseur tables and chairs. These were all powder coated in black to maintain a cohesive and sleek look.
  3. Camino Dining Tables and Chairs:
    • For a more traditional dining experience, we delivered Camino dining tables and chairs, also powder coated in black to match the overall theme and provide a modern, stylish finish.
  4. Planters:
    • To add a touch of greenery and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space, we supplied a range of planters, creating a more inviting and lively atmosphere.
  5. Printed Banners:
    • Our team designed and provided striking, on-brand printed banners that effectively captured attention and conveyed the vibrant spirit of Siren City Bar. These banners ensured that the bar’s presence was noticed and drew people in with their bold design and clear messaging.



  • The new Siren City Bar location in Reading town centre boasts a modern, cohesive look that appeals to a diverse clientele.
  • The powder-coated black furniture creates a sophisticated and stylish environment.
  • The planters add a natural touch, making the space feel more welcoming and vibrant.
  • The printed banners have successfully attracted attention, contributing to increased foot traffic and brand visibility.


Conclusion: By understanding Siren City Bar’s vision and delivering tailored solutions, we successfully helped launch their new town centre location. Our high-quality furniture and design elements have not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, creating a vibrant and stylish space that stands out in Reading.

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