A refreshing project by the sea..

  • Client:
  • The Sail Loft
  • Location:
  • The Sail Loft
  • Products used:
  • Kent Table Tops (various sizes), Wenger Chairs (Taupe and Blue), Pacifica Arm Chairs (Taupe and Pastel Pink)
  • Services:
  • Supply and Delivery

Project Overview

We had the pleasure of revitalising the beautiful Sail Loft in Greenwich, a renowned venue known for its stunning views and vibrant atmosphere. The goal was to refresh the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space, making it even more inviting for guests.


Our Approach

To achieve this, we incorporated our versatile Kent tabletops in various sizes, allowing for a flexible seating arrangement that caters to both small and large groups. Complementing these tabletops, we selected elegant Wenger chairs in taupe and blue, and for an additional touch of style and comfort, we included Pacifica Arm Chairs in taupe and pastel pink. The combination of these elements created a fresh and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements the stunning views at the Sail Loft.


Project Execution

  1. Initial Consultation: We began with a detailed consultation to understand the client’s vision and specific requirements for the space.
  2. Implementation: Upon approval, our team managed the delivery and installation process, ensuring minimal disruption to the Sail Loft’s operations.
  3. Final Touches: We conducted a thorough review of the setup, making necessary adjustments to achieve the perfect layout and ambiance.



The revitalized space at the Sail Loft has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both the client and their guests. The new furniture, including the Kent table tops, Wenger chairs, and Pacifica Arm Chairs, has enhanced the overall guest experience, offering both comfort and style. The project was completed on time and within budget, showcasing our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

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