A french-styled celebration

  • Client:
  • Brasserie Blanc
  • Location:
  • Portsmouth
  • Products used:
  • Giant Umbrellas, Kent Planters, Timber Screens, Torino White Wash Furniture ,Waiter Station and Beach Hut
  • Services:
  • Design, Supply and Installation

The much-loved French restaurant has been given a stylish new look to celebrate its 15th anniversary in Portsmouth. Designed to match their branding, our project highlights include a blend of practical and elegant elements to elevate the outdoor dining experience.

Project Highlights

  • 6m x 4m Giant Umbrellas: Mounted on weighted bases with timber covers and a lounger edge strip, these umbrellas provide essential shade and style. The design ensures durability and complements the overall aesthetic of the outdoor seating area.
  • Kent Planters and Timber Screens: Featuring a mix of plain and reeded glass, these planters and screens add a sophisticated touch to the environment. The timber screens offer both privacy and a beautiful backdrop, enhancing the overall ambiance.
  • Torino White Wash Furniture: This sleek and inviting furniture creates a welcoming atmosphere for diners. The white wash finish not only looks modern but also aligns with the restaurant’s elegant and relaxed vibe.
  • Lockable Waiter Station: Equipped with a fridge, this station ensures that staff have convenient access to everything they need, enhancing efficiency and service quality. The lockable feature provides added security for valuable items.
  • Storage Hut: This practical addition keeps everything organised and easily accessible. The storage hut ensures that extra furniture, cleaning supplies, and other necessities are neatly stored away, maintaining the pristine look of the dining area.

Celebrating 15 Years in Style

To mark its 15th anniversary, Brasserie Blanc aimed for a transformation that would not only enhance functionality but also reflect the restaurant’s rich heritage and sophisticated branding. The new outdoor dining space provides an inviting and comfortable area for guests to enjoy their meals, whether they’re seeking a casual lunch or a special evening dinner.

Aligning with Brasserie Blanc’s Branding

Every element of this project was meticulously chosen to align with Brasserie Blanc’s branding. From the sleek lines of the furniture to the refined touches of the planters and screens, the design speaks to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and elegance. The giant umbrellas and timber accents blend seamlessly with the existing architecture, creating a cohesive and stylish outdoor dining space.

Transforming Outdoor Dining Spaces with Style and Functionality

At AEL Outdoor Solutions, we specialise in creating functional and stylish outdoor dining spaces that reflect the unique identity of each client. The Brasserie Blanc project is a testament to our ability to deliver tailored design and installation services that meet and exceed expectations.

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